About Institute

Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (RSRIIP). RSRIIP was established in 2005.

Its founder is the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Chairman of RSRIIP Supervisory Board – Stepashin Sergey Vadimovich, Doctor Of Law, Professor.

The Chairman of the Scientific Council of RSRIIP – Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences  Sergey Mikhailovich Aldoshin.

The head of RSRIIP is Professor Vladimir Nikolayevich Lopatin, Doctor of Law, Third Degree State Justice Counselor, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation.

The main objective of RSRIIP is to render services on intellectual property issues in the field of science, law, education and culture.

RSRIIP is a unique centre of scientific-methods support on intellectual property issues for state bodies, state clients and performers of state contracts; public and commercial organisations in Russian Federation.

The Mission of RSRIIP: to assist the government and business in formation the fundamental grounds for the future market of Intellectual Property and draw up the rules that may help this market to be civilised, and a clever and honest-minded person can live high.

The Strategy of RSRIIP: on basis of centres of Intellectual Property and management system and minimisation of legal, economic and technological risks within the framework of private-state partnership, to assist in provision of the innovation incentives for the market participants, and hence, the establishment of market relationships of a new type – the innovation economy in Russia.

RSRIIP Specialness

RSRIIP is the only Russian scientific non-profit organisation in the sphere of intellectual property, a strong team of specialists in various spheres of knowledge which has developed and created a unique complex technology of conversion of intellectual property into a market object.

RSRIIP is a strong organisational and territorial infrastructure intended to provide its services countrywide and in major countries of the world. The same structure is used in the promotion of technologies on Russian and foreign markets - to interact with The Ministry of Economic Development and Rossotrudnichestvo.

RSRIIP is an expert organization of the CIS and EAEU; since 2019 - UN (in frame of WIPO).

RSRIIP is an expert organization of the chambers of the Russian Parliament, the courts, investigation and inquiry bodies, the Prosecutor's office, customs, FAS and the accounting Chamber of Russia, the Board of the military-industrial complex of Russia.

RSRIIP is accredited as an independent expert empowered to perform expert examinations on corruption in the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation.

RSRIIP is the rightholder of a unique MCD /EMCD technology on basis of which Intellectual Property had been registered and sold at price of over 51 billion rubles with the participation of the Institute.

RSRIIP in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 became an awardee in the category of «100 best research institutions and organizations of Russia» and was awarded with a gold medal.

RSRIIP since 2014 is listed in the ISO 9001 Register as an organization that provides services in the field of intellectual property at the level of international standards.

RSRIIP in 2015 won the «Best tax payer of the year» and «Economic support of Russia» awards as a «Nationally significant enterprise».

RSRIIP in 2016 is accredited as an observer at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

RSRIIP in 2019 was diploma holder of the Government of the Russian Federation award in the Field of quality.

RSRIIP since 2009 \ 2017 provides the secretariat of the national and interstate technical committees for standardization "Intellectual Property" TC-481 / ITC-550.

RSRIIP by 2022, has developed over 25 standards, on the basis of which the world's first national system of IP standards has been created.

RSRIIP in 2023, created and registered in Rosstandart the first national system of voluntary certification in the field of intellectual property (Reg. No. ROSS RU.D2789.04RNI0 of March 23, 2023)

Basic services:

-           Carrying out fundamental and applied scientific research;

-           Scientific, methodological and information support for government agencies and businesses;

-           Preparation and examination of draft programs, standards and regulatory acts;

-           Inventory, accounting and examination of the protection capacity of intellectual property results;

-           Distribution and consolidation of rights to the obtained Results of intellectual activity, including through patents and know-how;

-           Marketing and professional valuation of intellectual property;

-           Audit and accounting of intangible assets;

-           Optimization of R&D taxation and pricing for intellectual property turnover;

-           Insurance risk and investment for loans secured by intellectual property and sale of securities;

-           Audit and creation of an intellectual property management system (IPMS) in universities, enterprises and corporations;

-           All types of intellectual property protection;

-           Training of specialists and the IPMS team;

-           Depositing of scientific discoveries and scientific works.

Features of RSRIIP services:

Complexity - turn-key work, when you don't have to go to three or five contractors to get the desired result, but just contact the Institute or the centers of the Corporation and get a ready-made product with which you can entry the market.

Uniqueness - technologies developed only at the Institute related to the identification, consolidation and commercialization of rights to RIA - the main segment of market relations in the field of intellectual property in the XXI century.

Consistency - the institute has developed a unique technology to ensure the balance of interests of the author, the copyright holder - the employer, the customer-the investor.

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