The arbitration court of intellectual property at Corporation NSRIIP

         The arbitration court of intellectual property at Corporation NSRIIP - the independent constantly operating Arbitration court, formed by the decision of board of Corporation  NSRIIP from 27.08.2012 according to Federal Law "About the arbitration courts in the Russian Federation" for effective and full permission of concrete disputes in the sphere of intellectual property, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of owners in the sphere of copyright and related rights, patent rights, rights to know-how and means of the individualization (trademarks, commercial designations, company names, names of places of an origin of the goods).

         The Chairman of the arbitration court of intellectual property - Zenin Ivan Aleksandrovich, manager of the Scientific Research department of legal protection of intellectual property NSRIIP, the deserved professor of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosov, member of the International Association of intellectual property (ATRIP, Geneva), editor-in-chief of the "Intellectual property right" magazine (with HCC signature stamp) doctor of jurisprudence, professor.

         The Arbitration court of intellectual property - the first and unique in Russia specialized arbitration court  in the sphere of intellectual property. As a part of arbitration judges one of the best scientists, experts and practicians on all subsectors of intellectual property rights. The NSRIIP Corporation guarantees, that having included in the Contract a small point about the arbitration court, you will reliably protect the rights and can defend in a civilized way the intellectual property in case of malevolent encroachments or disputes.

         The recommended text of the arbitration reservation:

"All disputes, disagreements or the requirements arising from the present contract (agreement) or in connection with it, including, concerning its execution, violation, the termination or invalidity, are subject to permission in the Arbitration court of intellectual property at Corporation of Intellectual property  NSRIIP according to its Situation and the Regulations".



Postal address of the secretariat of the arbitration court: 119049, Moscow, B. Yakimanka St., 38

Ph.: +7 (499) 238 40 83

Fax: +7 (499) 238 40 83

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bank details:

Settlement account 40703810300000007113 (rubles), 4073840600000007113 (US dollars), 40703978200000007113 (euro) in VTB 24 (Cjsc) 

 BIC 044525716

In the payment order in the column the recipient to specify: Corporation NSRIIP.  In the column payment function: arbitration fee for the examination of the case in the Arbitration court.

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