The MCD (MKD)/EMCD (UMKD) Technology

The Methodological Complex of Documents/ the Educational and Methodological Complex of Documents for IHEs represents a package of local acts, recommendations, instructions, collected in five electronic volumes, in which modern approaches, methods and technologies on detection, safeguard, management, commercialisation and protection of Intellectual Property are being implemented.

The technology enables organisations, enterprises and corporations to solve on a turn-key basis the following tasks:

  • setting the effective accounting policy of results of intellectual activity (hereinafter – RIA) and rights on them, including the detection, identification of RIA as a part of scientific and technical documentation and allocation of rights on them;
  • registration of rights on RIA by alternative to patenting means (without waiting for the patent for 3 years), including know-how, work of science and database;
  • allocation of rights on work-related RIA, determination of the order and terms of remuneration;
  • commercialisation  of  Intellectual  Property  via  20  methods  instead  of  two  ones,  incl.  the  entry  into  the authorised capital of small innovation enterprises;
  • protection of Intellectual Property upon violation of rights through five models with the complete package of procedural documents.

RSRIIP is the rightholder of a unique MCD /EMCD technology on basis of which Intellectual Property had been registered and sold at price of over 50 milliard roubles with the participation of the Institute.

The number of 100 successful projects includes innovation projects of our partners: Sukhoi Design Bureau and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, CJSC; Dzerzhinsky OJSC “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”, OJSC, Scientific Production Association “Voskhod”, more than 20 federal institutes of higher education, research institutes, DB and RSI, enterprises in all federal districts of the RF.

Awards: 2009 – the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF.

2010 – was nominated for the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology. 

2013 - the Diploma for the best innovative project in Moscow.

With the help of the MCD/EMCD technology you will be able to gain a competitive advantage on the market of Intellectual Property.

Reviews on the successful application of MCD/EMCD technologies

  • “Experience with EMCD showed its orderliness, detailed differentiation of RIA, appropriate for organisations with hundreds of RIA available…

       EMCD is expediently to be used as methodological material for the purpose of formation and commercialisation of intangible assets based on Intellectual Property in a correct and legal manner.”

(From the Review to Rosobrazovaniye of the rector at Far Eastern State Technical University).

  • The apparent advantage of MCD technology is that it allows within a short time to make up an inventory, identify RIA as a part of scientific and technical documentation, allocation and securing of intellectual rights on them for the effective use of Intellectual Property in commercial activity of the enterprise, including upon foreign trade deals. At the same time, costs for the purchase of MCD technology and its application has paid off within one year. (From the review of the Director General of OJSC “PMZ “Voskhod”).
  • The Institute has developed and is successfully implementing a unique MCD technology on providing “turnkey” processes to identify protectable results of intellectual activity, including as a part of scientific and technical documentation, allocation and securing rights on them, on formation, commercialisation and protection of Intellectual Property”. (From the letter of SC “ROSATOM”).

Terms for purchase of MCD/EMCD:

  • In accordance with p.14 cl.1 art.93 and p.8 cl. 1 art. 31 of the FL №44-FL “On the contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs”, as well as the provisions on procurement, stipulated by art. 2 of the FL № 223-FL "On the procurement of goods, works and services by certain kinds of legal entities", rendering services on access to the specified electronic editions is carried out without tender with the conclusion of a license agreement.    
  • The rights on the MCD/EMCD technology are provided on the basis of the license agreement for the use of work of science and database in accordance with RSA14/2007 and IFRS – 38 (VAT free).
  • With the supply of the Complex, the installation seminar is conducted.
  • Updating of the Complex is being carried out annually (2015 – 8th version).
  • The Customer is provided with the possibility to choose the option required and the set of documents depending on its needs.
  • A complete organisational, technical, legal and economic support of the Complex measures is provided (as agreed with the Customer), incl. upon inventory, allocation, registration and assessment of rights on RIA, risk minimisation when transferring innovation technologies and protection of rights on them, incl. through the centres of the Corporation of RSRIIP, the Arbitration Court at RSRIIP.

The application for purchase of MCD/EMCD can be submitted directly to RSRIIP, via Centres of Corporation RSRIIP or on website

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