Innovations in the military-industrial complex

Innovations in the military-industrial complex.
Intellectual property for the Russian industry re-industrialization

Main event organiser:
Non-profit partnership “RSRIIP” Corporation of Intellectual Property”

Event co-organisers: 
Ltd «St. Petersburg Research Center of Intellectual Property»

Event format:
Round table

Target audience:
Businessmen are interested in the commercialization of intellectual property and its use in business development, technology commercialization civil and dual created by the Russian defense industry enterprises

Event opening dates:
October 2 14.00-18.00

Key speakers:
Vladimir Lopatin – Vice-Chairman of NSRIIP Supervisory Board, NSRIIP Director, Doctor of Juridical Science (2000), Third Degree State Justice Counselor;
Vladimir Dovgij – Deputy General Director of The United Industrial Corporation OBORONPROM;
Vildan Zinnurov - First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Ulyanovsk region;
Victor Nechayev - deputy governor of the Novgorod region, doctor of technical sciences, professor;
Boris Shishkov - Director FGBI "Federal Agency for the legal protection of intellectual property military, special and dual-use" (FAPRID)
Kashyrin Alexander - Deputy Chairman of the Rostec Corporation
Oleg Lavrov - Co-Chair of the CM-Alliance, doctor of medical science

Alexey Podgornov – Ltd «St. Petersburg Research Center of Intellectual Property» Director

Main topics:
The event is dedicated to the solution of problems faced by the Russian industry:
use of potential military-industrial complex, which will be accumulated by 2020, taking into account the modernization for the needs of the civilian economy, for the needs of the national economy of the Russian Federation;
how to make a mess and not only in the production of arms and military equipment (up to 70 percent of the arms of the new sample in 2020), but also to increase many times (at present - 10%), production of high-tech civilian products, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Key issues on the agenda:
- Market mechanisms and indicators of the practical implementation of the strategy of innovative development of the economy through the intellectual property of the defense-industrial complex;
- The creation of value-added enterprises, especially pricing and accounting of intellectual property in the price of innovative products for the defense industry enterprises;
- Capitalization of the company through the intangible assets;
- Risk management of intellectual property for the benefit of innovative development;
- Regional experience in managing innovation in the defense industry in the framework of the cluster policy;
- Standardization of the rules of intellectual property management in innovative projects at the enterprises of the defense industry;
- Staffing innovation processes of the economy of intellectual property
Expected result:
Development of proposals to the draft "road map" for the use and management of intellectual property in the military-industrial complex as a strategic reserve of DIC;
- Proposals in the final document, which will be offered to participants of the II Military-Industrial Conference (November 2014.) And the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation

Organiser’s contact details:
Alexey Podgornov – Ltd «St. Petersburg Research Center of Intellectual Property» Director
8921-768-74-13, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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