RSRIIP in China

During the period from May 22nd till May 25th, 2013, the Director of RSRIIP V.N. Lopatin had been visiting China, by invitation of the Chinese party – the Organising Committee of Forum, for joining the China Financial Summit-2013 (CHITEC).

The 16th summit was held in Beijing with participation and support of the government of China, and was devoted to the discussion of hot topics on macroeconomics and financial and economic industry with the international co-operation and global economic integration, development of financial markets and banking sector in the interests of the innovation development in a real sector of economy. At the opening of Forum, spoke the heads of the ministry of science and technologies, the ministry of commerce, the ministry of education, the ministry of industry and info rmation, the Board of Exchequer, the People`s Bank of China, the World Bank, the Asian Bank of Development and others. Following the plenary meeting, the discussion had been holding within five sessions on May 23rd, 2013. During the first session “The Financial Industry and the Development of Real Economy”, the heads of the biggest banks and lending agencies, investment and insurance companies of China and France addressed a meeting.

Within the framework of this session, for the first time at the summit, as it had been declared by o rganizers, the representative from Russia – the Director of RSRIIP Vladimir Lopatin took part and delivered the report. His report was dedicated to the issues of minimisation and risk management in the sphere of Intellectual Property u pon investing in the innovation projects, and it aroused a great interest among summit participants. Previously, on the occasion of the PRC Chairman`s visit to Russia, the national mass media of China (“Renmin ribao”, “Jingji Ribao” and in Russian-“Чжунго цзинцзи ван“) made public the interview with V.N. Lopatin on the problems of formation of the Intellectual Property market in Russia and in China (, that later on had been reprinted by more than 80 mass media.

With the implementation of strategic objective to boost the volume of economic co-operation and goods turnover between Russia and China for more than in 2 times (up to 200 milliard USA dollars), a matter of principle is to increase investments in the innovation sector of economy and its growth on a bilateral basis. Nowadays, ¾ portion of the Russian export to China makes raw material, while the machine and technological production does not exceed the export of 5%. At the same time, with expenditures on R&D, Russia has reached the eighth place in the world and still occupies the leading position as per the number of scientists and researchers. A serious obstacle fo r investing hereby is risks in the sphere of Intellectual Property, both for the rightholder, as well as for the investor. For the sake of tools` creation to detect, minimise and manage such risks, the Director of RSRIIP and the Head of Corporation of Intellectual Property offered four initiatives to be discussed:

- to establish a joint Russian-Chinese Centre of Intellectual Property, that would support examination and minimisation of risks, both for the Russian enterprises and organisations while operating in China, as well as for Chinese partners in the former Soviet Union (in Russia and other CIS countries);

-to establish the International Technical Committee on standardisation “Intellectual Property” in partnership with PRC, by taking advantage of the experience of foundation and activity of national technical committee on standardisation “Intellectual Property” TC-481 in Russia, that would ensure the adoption of national and international standards in this sphere in the interests of the development of a unified market of Intellectual Property and minimisation of risks for banks and other investors upon implementation of the innovation projects;

-to the benefit of professionals-intermediate parties` training, to arrange the training and conducting workshops bilaterally on the study of legislation and legal practice of commercialisation and protection of Intellectual Property in Russia and China;

-in favour of formation of a new, more rational international economic order and counteraction to “monopoly on the truth” on the part of a number of countries, incl. the USA, there is a need for uniform transparent and common methodology and methods to measure the boundaries of counterfeit and struggle against it in various countries, in arrangement and adoption for which Russia, China, Ukraine can be initiators.

After the summit, there was a series of meetings with the heads of Chinese organisations and companies. In particular, the specified initiatives became the subjects to the discussion had taken many hours in negotiations with the head of one of the largest legal firms in China – “GRANDALL LEGAL GROP”, which staff consists of over 2 thousand workers, incl. 600 lawyers have been working in 14 offices of major regions in China.

The outcomes of activity and negotiations in the light of their value to solve the matters of economic security within the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) were discussed in the meeting with the General Secretary of SCO D.F Mezentsev.

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