The presentation of the book “Alexander Ratchinsky” by A.Shchelkunov

The presentation of the book by Anatoly Shchelkunov “Alexander Ratchinsky” took place on the 8th of December 2010 at the Russian Cultural and Informational Center (RCIC) in Sofia. It was organized by the Foundation “For sustainable development of Bulgaria”, the Union of friends of Bulgaria, RCIC and CEB of NSRIIP. The event was attended by Russian delegation from the Union of friends of Bulgaria led by its chairman Viktor Sharapov as well as by prominent public figures of Bulgaria – writers, poets, politicians, scientists, diplomats, businessmen.

    For a long time Anatoly Shchelkunov worked in the diplomatic service, in particular, he was the counselor of the Embassy of the USSR in Bulgaria (1985-1991), the ambassador of Russia in Turkmenistan (1998-2002), the consul general of Russia in Varna (2005-2009). He is an honorary citizen of the city of Varna, deputy chairmen if the Union of friends of Bulgaria, PhD in Philosophy, the author of many scientific and journalistic works.

    The new book of A. Shchelkunov is dedicated to the life and work of Alexander Viktorovitch Ratchinsky (1826-1876), whose name is associated with the establishment of Slavic charitable committee in Moscow that played a specific role in the liberation of Balkan peoples from Ottoman dominion in the XIX century. Being a Russian deputy consul in the city of Varna, Ratchinsky succeed to organize in a short period the opening of schools teaching in Bulgarian language. Great is his service in translation of church worship in Varna into the Old Church Slavonic language. Due to his whole-hearted service to Russia and to Russian-Bulgarian cooperation he did gain deserved authority and fond memories among Bulgarian people.

    Nowadays the cause of the Slavic charitable committee, established on the initiative and with active participation of A.V.Ratchinsky, is continued by all-Russian non-profit organization “The Union of friends of Bulgaria” in close cooperation with the Bulgarian non-profit organizations.

    Opening the meeting, Stanka Shopova – the chairman of coordination council “Bulgaria-Russia” and the chairman of the Foundation “For sustainable development of Bulgaria”, particularly stressed the crucial work that was done and related to the celebrating of the 85th anniversary of Rossotrudnichestvo. Within the frame of this work the edition and presentation of A.Shshelkunov’s book were held. She also appreciated the personality and the role of A.Ratchinsky – the prominent diplomat and humanist, advocate of friendship and unity of Bulgarian and Russian peoples.

    Mr V.Ivanov, the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in Bulgaria, kindly thanked his Bulgarian partners for the work that was done and related to the celebration the 85th anniversary of Rossotrudnichestvo and formulated main priorities for medium-time prospect’s work. Mr V.Ivanov presented to Viktor Sharapov - the chairman of the Union of friend of Bulgaria, a souvenir poster form the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Bulgaria “85th anniversary of VOKS-SSOD-ROSZARUBEZHCENTER-ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO” for the work done and for contribution to the development of Bulgarian-Russian cooperation and interaction in every field of public life.

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