17th of June 2010. Round table on the topic: “Methodologies and methodic of intellectual property ev

A round table on the topic: “Methodologies and methodic of intellectual property evaluation” took place on the 17th of June 2010 at Russian cultural and informational center (RCIC) in Sofia.
Center of intellectual property and innovations, RCIC in Sofia, Foundation “For sustainable development of Bulgaria” and International center of innovations and technology transfer (ICITT) participated in the organization of the event.

More than 30 representatives from higher universities, research institutes and other institutions of Bulgaria: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), Technological University, University of National and World Economy, International Balkan academy of science and culture, banks (DSK bank, “Tokuda bank”), Patent agency of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as experts in the field of intellectual property and journalists took part in the round table.
The discussion was opened by Konstantin Budev – director of the Center of intellectual property and innovation. In his greetings to the audience he underlined the significance of issues, arising from the topic of the meeting, for the development of innovation Bulgarian economy as well as the significance of problems faced the realization of intellectual product in the market. Mr Budev presented to the audience “Methodical complex of documents” (MCD) – which is the complex of documents elaborated in the National scientific research institute of intellectual property (NSRIIP). This is a tool not only for accounting the results of scientific, research, design and technological activities but also for introducing them into economic turnover. This complex of documents is intended for those who faced the necessity to form intangible assets and to introduce them to the market – correctly and in legal way.

The reports on the topic of the round table topic were made by:
- Sergey Grigorov – executive director of ICITT, PhD in Engineering
- Emil Benatov – the representative and independent expert for intellectual property in Bulgaria and in the European Union, Doctor of Science
- Bojanka Nedelcheva – the representative for intellectual property, lecturer of SWU “Neofit Rilski” (Blagoevgrad), professor
- Emil Jocic – specialist for technology transfer
- Hristo Hristov – professor of the International Balkan academy of science and culture
- Zdravko Stojnov – professor of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, center for innovations
- Vlko Gergelchev – responsible for section of Technological university, senior research officer
- Radostina Halacheva – Patent agency of the Republic of Bulgaria
- Diana Parigvozeva – DSK bank, senior expert of the direction “Small and medium enterprises”
- Vladimir Kozhuharov – professor of Technological university of Sofia

All speakers in their reports examined the impartial state and issues they faced in their work for intellectual property evaluation and protection. General conclusions were made:
- Bulgaria has harmonious legislation for intellectual property, reconciled with the European Union;
- Investors in Bulgaria underestimate the value of the intellectual product;
- There is an urgent necessity to change state policy and to establish a state agency responsible for this policy.
- The interest from Bulgarian government is outlined now but the advancement doesn’t catch up the growth of market.
- There is a possibility for Bulgaria and Russia to exchange the experience in the issues of intellectual property and to elaborate common normative documents for evaluation and protection of intellectual property.

During the discussion the necessity of examination the issues declared and the role of the state in evaluation, legal protection and defense of intellectual property were mentioned

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