The development of strategic lines for joint Russian-Canadian and Russian-American innovative projects in the field of intellectual property can be fostered by the North American branch of the National Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property. This is what experts are convinced of after participation in the International Forum on Russian high technologies and innovations «Russia-Canada-2008» which has been held in North America. It is during this event in the Canadian city of Toronto when negotiations have been carried on and the agreement on creation of the first branch of the Russian organization in North America engaged in advancement and protection of intellectual property abroad has been concluded.


The program of the event included not only project presentations by Russian firms and negotiations with their potential partners in North America, but first of all -domestic technologies and innovations. Participation in the forum gave to representatives of Russian businesses a possibility to advance results of their intellectual activity onto the North American market. That was still a quite unusual «summit meeting» organized by sci-techassociation «Technopol-Russia» with particular participation of the National Institute of Intellectual Property for those who generate science-intensive goods. Also, NSRIIP presented there one of its newest developments — «one window» technique of innovation cycle organization and technology transfer.

The importance of the issue for modern economic development was clearly explained by the NSRIIP Director Vladimir Lopatin: «High school scientists work out new knowledge. And they do well. They also do well also when working with small high school based enterprises they develop their ideas into new material products. But this is all their efficiency ends with. For then the innovators are offered to stand in the market and to search for the buyers of the goods. Another aspect — register the idea or the invention. It calls for time and efforts input, too. But we work not just with a complex and complete technique of intellectual rights? registration, we introduce intellectual property control center functions to the scheme as well — everything connected with management and realization of the rights for the elaboratedknow-how. As a matter of fact, we offer»turn-key«services to form, capitalize and sell the intellectual rights of a scientist — the idea creator, the scientific or high school centre as proprietor of thenon-materialassets and the enterprise on which this idea is implemented as an innovation, either within the limits of a research and technology park or a regional technopolis, so that it naturally raises both material returns on an idea and its author? s incomes».

The forum was organized with assistance of the Expert Council on Legal Regulation and IP Protection of the Committee of the State Duma on Economic Policies, Business and Tourism, in interaction with the Embassy and the Trade Representation of Russia in Canada. Many participants and experts believe the forum will become a remarkable push to development of strategic streamline for joint Russian-Canadian and Russian-American innovative projects.

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