A unique purely Russian specialized high school has been opened in Europe. The educational institution, namely Russian Technological University in Bulgaria is established in Sofia with participation of the National Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property.

The university comprises five departments at which primarily specialists in energy sector will be trained. Today business life is getting more and more innovative, so participation of the leading Russian Institute of Intellectual Property in the project is essential — allknow-how, patents, each technology today become an asset. Provided of course that rights are alleged in accordance with the established procedure, and these rights are protected. These are matters of priority of NSRIIP activities.

With its participation a research and technology park will be created on the basis of the First Russian Foreign University, the results of which, including intellectual property, will be implemented in the Russian and world markets. Particular interest in the project? s realization has already been shown by the Russian Association of Manufacturers. The idea has also been supported by heads of concerned federal ministries of the Russian Federation in official letters.

The project will be touched upon at forthcoming parliamentary hearings of two chamber committees of the Russian Parliament, the purpose of which will be to attract attention of private businesses, first of all in energy sector, and the Russian state officials.

2012 THE ONLY RUSSIAN UNIVERSITY IN EUROPE OPENED IN BULGARIA - Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (RSRIIP). © RSRIP