«Forms of development, capitalization and management of non-material assets as part of the Treasury and property of enterprises and organizations» — this was the report presented by V.N. Lopatin, Director of the National Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (NSRIIP) at one of the district meetings held recently in the Siberian Federal District (SFD).

During this notable forum attended by more than a hundred government officials of Siberia, including governors and experts in the field of management, and CEOs of Siberian enterprises under direct auspices of A.V. Kvashnin, Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation President in the Siberian Federal District, NSRIIP Director focused the participants’ attention on the problems of transforming thoughts into money. In other words, products of intellectual activity - inventions, value awareness ideas, know-how technologies - into innovation products with significant market potential. As it is, unlike “ordinary” goods to be sold once intellectual property objects can be sold unlimited number of times in this or that form. It is not by chance that in the world – including neighboring to Siberia China – it is intellectual property rights that are becoming the core market products: copyright sales or transfers make 40-50% of a country’s total turnover.

Participants of the meeting, the main objective of which was discussion of social and economic development monitoring principles of SFD constituent territories, confirmed the necessity of further development of the innovative economy with intellectual property economy as its integral part.

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