RSRIIP in China

During the period from May 22nd till May 25th, 2013, the Director of RSRIIP V.N. Lopatin had been visiting China, by invitation of the Chinese party – the Organising Committee of Forum, for joining the China Financial Summit-2013 (CHITEC).



The Russian-Bulgarian conference on priority areas of scientific and technological development took place on 29th of September 2010 at the Russian cultural and informational center (RCIC) in Sofia in the framework of the 66th Plovdiv International technical fair.

    About 100 representatives of scientific and creative intellectuals, government and public bodies, business groups of Bulgaria, members of Bulgarian academy of science, representatives of ministries and agencies, heads of Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Russian Chambers of commerce and industry, rectors of top-rated universities, managers of leading industry enterprises, RCIC in Sofia and CEB of NSRIIP participated in the event.


The presentation of the book “Alexander Ratchinsky” by A.Shchelkunov

The presentation of the book by Anatoly Shchelkunov “Alexander Ratchinsky” took place on the 8th of December 2010 at the Russian Cultural and Informational Center (RCIC) in Sofia. It was organized by the Foundation “For sustainable development of Bulgaria”, the Union of friends of Bulgaria, RCIC and CEB of NSRIIP. The event was attended by Russian delegation from the Union of friends of Bulgaria led by its chairman Viktor Sharapov as well as by prominent public figures of Bulgaria – writers, poets, politicians, scientists, diplomats, businessmen.

    For a long time Anatoly Shchelkunov worked in the diplomatic service, in particular, he was the counselor of the Embassy of the USSR in Bulgaria (1985-1991), the ambassador of Russia in Turkmenistan (1998-2002), the consul general of Russia in Varna (2005-2009). He is an honorary citizen of the city of Varna, deputy chairmen if the Union of friends of Bulgaria, PhD in Philosophy, the author of many scientific and journalistic works.


Training of Russian students at the International Industrial Park in Gabrovo

From 7th to 30th of July 2010 the Russian cultural and informational center (RCIC) in Sofia and the Center of intellectual property and innovations supported by the Foundation ”For sustainable development of Bulgaria” organized for Russian students – laureates of all-Russian contest “Young innovator of Russia” the training at the International Technical Park (IIP) in Bulgarian city Gabrovo.



Professor Vladimir N. Lopatin, the director of National research institute of intellectual property (NSRIIP), made a short visit to Sofia on 11-15th of June 2010.
The goal of the journey of the NSRIIP head was to contribute to implementation of multiple projects made by the Institute in common with Bulgarian organizations in the framework of development of Russian-Bulgarian innovative cooperation.
To achieve this goal, on the base of both Russian cultural and informational center (RCIC) in Sofia and Central-European branch of NSRIIP the Russian center for intellectual property and innovations was recently established. Konstantin Budev was appointed as its director.
    During his stay Vladimir N. Lopatin held several meetings and business negotiations:
- with the director of RCIC V.P. Ivanov were examined the issues of promoting joint tasks as well as the problems appeared in the process of the work and the ways to solve them;
 - with the Chairman of the Foundation ‘For sustainable development of Bulgaria” Mme Stanka Shopova were made analysis and evaluation of the work on joint projects;
 - with the director of “Industrial park – Gabrovo” Mr Stefan Deevsky were discussed joint projects and the organization of training at the Industrial park in Gabrovo city for 20 students – laureates of the contest “Young innovator of Russia”;  
 - with the Chairman of Association of Bulgarian banks Mme Violina Marinova were discussed the possibilities for development of intellectual property market to finance innovative projects by banking institutions.
 - with the Chairman of scientific and technical union in Bulgaria, academician Vasil Sgurev were examined the possibilities for development of  intellectual property market and further work on the technologies of companies “7+11” – “Warm floor”;
 - with the head of research group in the field of nanodiamants - professor Stavri Stavrev were examined possible ways of cooperation with “ROSNANO”;
 - with the executive director of the International center of innovations and technology transfer (ICITT) Mr Sergey Grigorov were evaluated possible ways at this stage to successful promoting of joint tasks;  
During the visit Vladimir N. Lopatin has met professor Borislav Borisov - rector of the University of national and world economy (UNWE). The sides signed the treaty on the edition of joint magazine “Economy and legislation in the field of intellectual property”. The issue of establishment the International Association of intellectual property institutes was studied too. In addition the sides undertook to elaborate jointly an international standard for intellectual property.
In the framework of the journey to Sofia Vladimir N. Lopatin held a press-conference at the Union of Bulgarian journalists where he acquainted the audience with principal directions of work, goals and objectives of NSRIIP, with the problems emergent in the intellectual property market and with the issues of evaluation and protection of intellectual production as well.

The winners of contest “Sofia – Moscow, Bulgaria – Russia: yesterday, today, tomorrow” awarded

In the framework of the International contest was held the competition at the drawing and applied arts “Let the sun shine forever” and the contest “We remember the heroic deeds of our ancestors!” dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory over fascism.



Teaching materials set (TMS). This is a new although not that eye-catching but scientifically bona fide titled operation guide on putting intellectual property into a commercial product worked out by the Russian National Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property.
 This electronic edition is basically intended for higher educational institutions in Russia which in existing innovative conditions more often than others face the necessity correctly — and legally! — form and commercialize non-material assets in higher schools. Intellectual property as a matter of priority but not limited to.


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