The technical committee on standardization №481 “Intellectual property” (short title – ТК 481) is established on the basis of the Order of Federal agency on technical regulating and metrology from 08.12.2009 №4498

ТК 481 is a voluntary non-governmental association of the bodies of power, enterprises and organizations for taking measures in the field of national, interstate and international standardization in the area of intellectual property.

Objectives of ТК 481:

  • To provide the implementation of the Federal law from 27 of December 2002 №184 “On technical regulation” in the field of intellectual property;
  • To organize and to do work on national, regional and international standardization and to improve its efficiency in the field of intellectual property;
  • To elaborate the strategy in the field of standardization, certification and metrology in the field of intellectual property;

Besides its main objectives ТК 481 aims to solve problems of the assistance in promoting the improvement of efficiency of standardization work both in national and international levels; to prepare advices for the elaboration of regulatory documents, harmonized with the requirements of international standards; to change standards in force or their abrogation; to make use the standards of leading foreign countries and companies to resolve problems of formation the intellectual property market, its stimulating, improvement the system of state control and the management in this field.

ТК 481 is a permanent body providing elaboration, harmonization, examination and preparation to approve regulating documents on standardization in the field of intellectual property. ТК 481 draws up long-term programs of standardization, proposals for annual programs of national standardization taking into account the results of research efforts, development works and design works, as well as the results of patent researches and other information about the achievements of Russian and foreign science and technology.

ТК 481 has high quality skilled specialists, representing the interests of bodies of power, public and non-governmental organizations, research institutes, educational institutions, foreign and international organizations, registered in the Russian Federation.

Technical Committee 481
Number of Technical Committee (ТC) 481
Title of ТC Intellectual property
Organization, providing the secretariat of ТC Autonomous non-governmental organization «Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property» (RSRIIP)
Address of the secretariat of TC 18, Unnarov 127083, Moscow, Russia.
Chairman of TC Vladimir N. Lopatin – director of ANGO “RSRIIP”, Doctor of law
Executive secretary of TC Andrey G. Hankevich – chief researcher of research department for audit and assessment of intellectual property of ANGO “RSRIIP”
Scope of activities of TC According to codes of Russian classification of standards:
03.80 Services
03.100 Company organization and management
03.120 Quality
03.140 Patents. Intellectual propety
13.310 Protection against crime
Titles of subcommittees (SC) SC 1 – «Protection against Counterfeit»
SC 2 – «Legal protection of intellectual property»
SC 3 – «Technology of intellectual property design and commercialization»
Relevant commitees ISO/IEC ISO/ТC 10 – «Technical product documentation»
ISO/ТC 176 – «Quality management and quality assurance»
ISO/ТC 247 – «Fraud countermeasures and controls»
ISO/JTC 1 – «Information technology»
Number of order №4498
Date of TC creation 8 of December 2009

TC Secretariat contacts:

Telephone: +7 (499) 369-40-08
18, Unnarov 127083, Moscow, Russia.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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