Priorities and Problems of the Civilized Intellectual Property Market Development as the Precondition for the Innovation-based Evolution

 1. Profile of the Russian Federation scientific and technological potential. Basic tendencies, distinctive features (consistent patterns) and parameters of the present-day development of science and technology in the Russian Federation. Factors constituting a threat and strategic risks in the spheres of fundamental, applied researches, development and innovations.


Conditions and Prospects of Intellectual Property Market Organization in the Context of Innovative Antirecessionary Development of Indo-Russian Partnership in the 21st Century.

I greet the participants of the 1st India-Russia Dialogue: Strategic Opportunities and Challenges on behalf of the Academic Board of the National Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (NSRIIP) - a unique scientific non-profit organization in the Russian Federation that specializes on intellectual property research issues. NSRIIP was founded in 2005 by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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